Patch Test (in regards to eyelash extensions)

A patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. It is the client's responsibility to arrange an appointment for a patch test. A patch test can not guarantee you will not have a reaction.

Booking fee, Cancellation and changing your appointment 

A booking fee is required for all bookings this is to secure your time and date of that appointment only and is non refundable.


48 hours notice is required to reschedule an appointment and can be rescheduled one time with your original booking fee after this a new booking fee will need to be paid.

If needing to cancel your appointment your booking fee will be lost.

If a booking fee has not been taken a cancelation fee of £10 per hour of your appointment booked in will be charged if under 48 hour notice is not given.

If less than 24 hours notice is given 50% of your treatment will be charged as a cancelation fee

Late Arrivals

Please aim to arrive by your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive after your scheduled appointment time, it may not be possible to extend your original appointment time. If your service is shortened due to your late arrival, you will still be charged the full cost of the service.  

Sickness or family emergency

If you, or another person in your household, has an infectious or contagious illness, please contact Rebekah Treherne as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment for a later date. For your safety and that of other clients.



As much as i love kids & pets, they are not allowed in the salon for health and safety reasons.


Refunds/fixes (in regards to eyelash extensions)

No refunds are given, no exceptions. I will aim to fix the issue to the best of my ability. I will allow for a "fix" within 3 days of your appointment if there is an issue. If you have an issue please contact me within that time. If you have an allergic reaction, pleas contact me ASAP. I will remove the lashes for you, free of charge.


Client Agreement (in regards to eyelash extensions)

Although every precaution will be taken to ensure your safety & wellbeing before, during & after your lash extension application. Although very unlikely, please be aware of the following information & possible risks:

  • I understand that lash extension services have some inherent risk of irritation to the orbital eye area, including the eye itself, and could result in stinging and burning, blurry vision and potential blindness should the adhesive enter the eye or should an allergic reaction occur.

  • I understand that some irritation, itching or burning may occur on the skin if the bonding agent comes into contact with it.

  • I understand that if the bonding agent comes into contact with my eye, my eye will be rinsed with water and I will be assisted in seeking medical attention immediately.

  • I understand that this is a semi-permanent procedure, as my natural lashes will continue to grow and shed normally, making infill appointments necessary to maintain the original look achieved by replacing the lashes that have fallen out. Most clients require fill appointments every 2-3 weeks.

  • I have disclosed all conditions and circumstances regarding my health history, medications being taken, and any past reactions to products or medications.

  • I consent to photographs & videos to be taken and shared on social media platforms.  

  • I do not and will not hold Rebekah Treherne legally liable or responsible for any possible allergic reactions that may occur during or after the treatment. 

  • In the event I may have additional questions or concerns regarding your treatment, please feel free to contact Rebekah with any queries you may have


Extend Lash Course (classic eyelash extensions)   - trained with nouveau

Online Russian Volume Course- trained with London Lash Pro

Lash Lift Course - Trained with Cheryl Taylor 

Facial & Brow Threading - Trained with Salon Services

Brow Lamination - Trained with Sister Brows

Theatrical Special Effects, Hair and Make-Up level 2 & 3 - Trained with Liverpool community college

Facial course - Trained with Cheryl Taylor